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about xuchuan



National high-tech enterprise

Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd was established in 2007,specializes in producing polyester polyols,PU resin for shoe sole, PU resin for synthetic leather, PU adhesive, PU melting adhesive, waterborne PU resin and non-solvent PU resin. As a leading PU resin producer in China, we have four production sites located in Taicang, Kunshan, Lishui and Wenzhou, also a PU resin R&D center in Suzhou Headquarter. Xuchuan Chemical aims to be one of the most professional PU producer in China, we are committed to provide our customers with qualified products and sustainable innovation.

Company culture

  • Our vision

    Becoming the most internationalized and competitive polyurethane manufacturer.

  • Our Mission

    Creating a wonderful life for humans by polyurethane.

  • Our aim

    Insisting on innovation and superior quality.

  • Our belief

    Adhering to customer satisfaction and win-win cooperation.

  • Our style

    Sticking to be modest and earnest, pragmatic and decisive.

  • Our spirit

    Devoting ourselves to creating value.

Enterprise honor

  • graduate student work station in Jiangsu province

  • Polyurethane applied engineering technology center of Jiangsu Province

  • Post doctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province

  • National High-tech Enterprise

  • Ten demonstration enterprise patent

  • Enterprise Technology Center in Suzhou

  • The management innovation of the top ten private enterprises

  • Domestic R & D institutions in Suzhou

  • Trademarks in Jiangsu Province


For the benefit of the society, the legal management, the good faith tax payment

         Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd Consciously abide by the environmental laws and regulations of People's Republic of China since its establishment. Energy saving through technological transformation, reduce environmental load: the company invested 5 million new energy pipeline equipment, the use of natural gas instead of coal as fuel, improve the thermal efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions; increasing the exhaust gas treatment device, eliminate pollution technology and equipment; water, solvent free solvent technology instead of traditional technology, to achieve zero discharge of solvent. Using advanced wastewater treatment system, the treatment effect is remarkable, and the ISO14001 environmental management system standards and the requirements of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Jiangsu province are achieved。 
         To carry out prevention of occupational disease hazards investigation, identification, and establish occupational health records;
         Provide professional skills training for employees, provide professional promotion channels, management promotion channels;
         Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd Adhering to the creation of wealth, the benefit of society, the legitimate business, the integrity of the tax, for many years as a large taxpayer Taicang port, for the development of the region has made a positive contribution。